Richie Richardson is one of the great names in West Indies Cricket with a love for the outdoors that goes beyond the game. This sport and leisure Renaissance man is the consummate host to your one-of-a-kind Caribbean holiday.

Richie invites you to the warmth and wonder of his native Antigua to share in his passion for partying, putting and playing sports. Challenge Richie on the green or at a game of beach cricket; push off and ride the waves with Captain Richardson or rock to the rhythms of his personal band, Spirited. In his own words he gives you his guarantee of a good time: “Whatever activity you choose on land or sea, you are in for an exciting and different kind of R&R with me, Richie Richardson”.

Make Antigua your next destination and Richie Richardson your host on your next trip. You’ll create your own piece of West Indian history. Howzat?

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